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Jason Warren
Soil and Water Conservation/Management Extension Specialist
273 AG Hall
Stillwater, OK, 74078

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Landjudging in Oklahoma 



Soil and Water Conservation/Management.

Conservation and proper management of our soil and water resources is critically important for the long-term economic sustainability of Oklahoma. This is especially true for the crop production sector of Oklahoma’s economy. Soil erosion by wind and water adversely impact the productively of our cropland soils, by removing the fertile topsoil. The subsoil left behind is less fertile, with less desirable physical characteristics for crop production. The sediment eroded from croplands is detrimental to offsite environmental quality. Sediments carried by water contribute reduced water quality in lakes and streams by reducing its clarity. These sediments also slowly fill our reservoirs which limit their use for drinking water storage, flood control, and recreation.
A firm grasp of the processes of soil erosion and the soil characteristics that impact crop productivity is important to the conservation and management of our soil resources. Therefore, this website will provide information on soil processes and characteristics that impact crop productivity, soil quality, soil carbon storage, water availability and water conservation.

 No-Till Beans

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