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Surface Runoff Filtration

Surface Runoff Filtration

This website highlights the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences extension program associated with improving urban and suburban runoff water quality.

Dr. Chad Penn is developing and testing technologies whereby industrial by-products such as flyash or Water Treatment Residues can be used to filter surface waters. These techniques are effective at removing phosphorus and show promise in removing pathogens from waters.



Drainage Ditch Filtration

On going research in the Mid-Atlatic Region and here at Oklahoma State University is developing and testing systems to filter drainage water in ditches and small streams. This work was initiated in the Mid-Atlatic region for the purpose of reducing P transport from agricultural fields to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Experimental ditch filters utilizing gypsum to adsorb P are showing promise. The ditch filter show below removes 56 to 99 % of the P entering the gypsum in the filter.


MD Ditch



A Simple and Effective Filtering System for Pesticide and Nutrient Removal from Surface Water








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